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    A 36 year old vineyard which is dry grown, it is in the cool sub region of Romsey at an elevation of 570m. The soil is volcanic red basalt and there is a mix of different clones. Gordon Cope-Williams established his business and original plantings in 1977, he was a real pioneer of the region. This is cool climate viticulture where the fruit ripens in Autumn with very high natural acidity and balanced flavour.


    Doug's vineyard sits at 540 m elevation, only 1km away from Cope Williams Vineyard as the crow flies. It was planted in 2001 to a mix of clones predominantly MV6 along with 114 and 115. Planted on a hill with a North East orientation the soil is volcanic, rocky red basalt.

    In the summer of 2016 our friend Josh Cooper introduced us to Doug Newnham who was looking for someone to help tend to his 7 acre vineyard. This opportunity has allowed us to develop a relationship with Doug and work with a beautiful established vineyard.


    Chris Dilworth and Loique Allain have created a small negociant business. We currently work with three different vineyards in the Macedon Ranges, two of these we work in ourselves, making approximately 350-400 doz per year.
    We moved to Hepburn in the beginning of 2017 and have always felt a strong connection to this region having visited for more than 10 years. We admire the fact that it is one of Australia's true cool climates with a huge amount of potential.

    Chris was born into the world of hospitality, growing up in his parent’s restaurant in Sydney. At the age of 9 his family relocated to a farm in Belford, which is located in the Hunter Valley where his parent’s grew citrus and stone fruit with a small 1 acre plot of Shiraz and Muscat. His first job out of high school was where he first discovered fine wine, at Robert’s restaurant in Pokolbin. This along with stints at restaurants in Sydney, London and Melbourne provoked him to seek out and learn more about the production side of things.

    Chris had his first vintage experience in 2007 and the following year he started a Viticulture and Winemaking degree at the University of Adelaide which he finished in 2011. Throughout his studies Chris worked for Dean Hewitson in the Barossa Valley. Following this he has worked for Castello dei Rampolla in Tuscany, Dominique Lafon in both the Macon and Meursault and Morilla Estate in Tasmania, along with vintage experiences in the Mornigton Peninsula and Adelaide Hills.


    Loique grew up in the Adelaide Hills before her family moved to Victor Harbor as a young teen. Loique is an artist, primarily focusing on printmaking she completed her Honors in Fine Arts at the University of Tasmania in 2015. Prior to this she completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Adelaide. Her parents are also artist’s and have a strong commitment and focus on working with Australian Indigenous artist’s, which has been influential to Loique’s lived and working experiences.

    Wine has always been appealing to Loique, but living in Italy and France and continuing her own artistic journey was when she developed a strong passion for wine. The experiences of being invited into different Domaines and being welcomed as close friends and shown how people live their lives through wine was moving for her. In Burgundy Loique worked with Paul Pillot for the growing season in the vineyard and continued into the winery for the harvest, at the same time she also worked at Domaine Bernard van Berg in Meursault. She has also worked in the Mclaren Vale for a vintage.


    We are inspired by the living culture of wine and the art of fermentation and its rich history throughout different cultures. Our lived travelling experiences both in Australia and Europe has been formative to the way we live our lives and make our wines.


    Chris works with Owen Latta at Eastern Peake as a winemaker and also in the vineyard and this is where we make our wines. Owen and his families generosity has been instrumental to our small business growing and succeeding.